Jen (deep_shag) wrote in queerboston,

43 Somewhat Butch for sharing 2 bedroom apt, Somerville, Jan 1

Know anyone looking for a roomate? I have a place in Somerville for Jan 1.

the apt: Sunny, hardwood floors, and recently renovated. Granite countertop, gas stove, and back deck. Rent is $550 per month, plus around $100 in utilities. Security deposit, but no last month's. Landlord is attentive and ethical, but not nosey. Plenty of street parking, no permits. Near Broadway, and therefore MBTA. Near park.

me: 43 queer, fat, and an all around great person with an infectious laugh. I have a chill cat who hates other animals but LOVES people. Seeking someone who is also quiet, resonsible, respectful, and a good communicator. Who is also a non-smoker, non-heavy drug or alcohol user. I like things neat so that I can jump right into projects - whether it is making dinner, painting, or doing homework. I will be driving to the Back Bay almost every weekday, and am open to negotiating rides. I enjoy chilling with roomie and movie at night, or talking over coffee in the morning.

Excited to hear from you! Please respond with Boston Roommate in the subject line.
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