agoraphiliac (agoraphiliac) wrote in queerboston,

roommate sought, porter square, 9/1

Four-member household seeks one more for 9/1 move-in. Three-story duplex with five bedrooms, big living room, dining room. All mod cons. Good-sized bedrooms. Coin-op washer in basement. Bike storage. Porter Square, just a few feet from Shaw's supermarket. Rent: 750 a month. 
About the household: current roommates are women & genderqueer, queer, ages 25 to 45. Sex-positive household. We don't smoke. No cats (allergies). Current magazine subscriptions: Artforum and London Review of Books. You can participate in food sharing, or not. Plans for fall include the "vo-ku," a German anarchist tradition of casual, drop-in dinners; also planned for the big new living room are parties, classes, art-making... 

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